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  Since we represent several various accounting/ERP systems, we are able to, without bias, recommend the best cost effective solution that meets your specific requirements.

Data Software Solutions has experts in the following accounting/ERP solutions:
• Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains)
• Microsoft Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon)
• Oracle Financials

Transforming Challenges into Business Solutions
Data Software Solutions delivers integrated, adaptable business management solutions that streamline processes, deliver robust reporting and business intelligence, and connect employees, customers and partners across a global marketplace.

Our focus is to provide the best accounting/ERP solution to meet your specific needs.

We take into account the price (upfront and ongoing), time required to implement a solution, ability to customize and adapt to your specific needs, review your system integration needs and deliver a scalable cost effective solution which is easy to use.

Data Software Solutions customizes your accounting/ERP solution to the way your business works, fully integrated to your systems and easily extended to meet your needs. A custom-tailored world class solution from Data Software Solutions means you’ll get the most out of your accounting/ERP solution.

  Why Data Software Solutions has chosen the supported accounting/ERP solutions:
  • A Compelling Business Case. They offer the ability to help transform the challenges of today’s business environment into a competitive advantage.
  • Scalable Technical Solutions. A rich ecosystem of finely tailored, industry-specific offerings and add-on solutions. These solutions meet the needs of our clients – from our clients with one location and limited integration requirements, to multi-national clients utilizing our accounting/ERP solutions as an integrated component in their complex and dynamic infrastructure.
  • Focus on Security. Solid process and workplace functionality, along with permissions to restrict unauthorized access, make it both user-friendly and secure.
  • Many Standard Features. Standard features can be customized to a business's needs or added when they need them.
  • Your Choice of Features. A variety of features can be adapted to the way your business works, integrated with existing systems, and extended to meet specific needs.

To see what a world class solution from Data Software Solutions can do for your company, schedule your free consultation today.

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